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Daren teach you straight hair can be hot pear head out of the United States and the United States

Elegance of carved pear head their own home can be hot, Olympus last taught at home, how do carve pear head, a lot of MM have asked me what curlers, how much thick stick, what hair conditioner, what stereotypes Li Yiyi first unified about it. With curly hair stick definitely buy quality points, such as Vidal Sassoon, Philips, thick stick on 30MM can do it. The Olympus with straight hair plate do and last pear head, so there is no hair sticks, they no longer need to spend only MM board straight hair! ~


Hair conditioner hair done before, the disposable kind lively as ever not to shoot in front of those who are ready to work. Clamped hairpin points ghd Glamour Hair Straightener Limited Edition good area, combing hair.


1 sandwiched between two clips on the half of the hair, the rest of the hair parted, a lot of people ask Olympus behind hair how to get to, in fact, around average confused to. Then grip the hair middle segment, to prevent curling edges curling to the tail pull inward volume to the initial folder to interrupt position.


Down the part of the hair on the left, to the left just moved to the right to that part of a good hot and clamp. Bit slightly, is no longer interrupt part volume, the third out of the end of the hair clip, clip inward, folders steady inward roll up. It was noted that the front bangs will release it, it does not matter, the following Olympus To separate folder bangs.


This is necessary to look at personal hair, everyone bangs of different lengths, so, find and bangs cheek, clamped to prevent curling, and some long points, it continues upward, some fringe short, you only need to slightly folder enough have curved inward radians.


The right side of the same steps, plywood residence time depends on the splint Olympus plywood, plus the action of not more than six seconds.


Olympus does not love something hot after on stereotypes, are generally on the Lane before it touches aerosol styling products MM on points after the hair do, are generally not very hard aerosol But stereotypes and great!


 The left and the right hairstyle renderings.


MM are so many tools can be used at home to do the pear head, like pear head, no longer need to worry to Try It slightly ~ ~ ~ ~ elegance carved pear head at home hot.


Straight hair version the pear head can do at home to see the details of some of the tips.


Straight hair can be hot pear head out of the United States and the United States
Lively as ever been Kerastase personal care products, Olympus craftsmen to do a hair mask, generally do facilities Schwarzkopf Q10 (very fragrant taste to ghd Peacock Black adhere cook 3 bottles will see a significant improvement) as well as supporting Kerastase hair mask, relatively speaking. Kerastase better, after all, the price there, you pay for it ~ ~


Ho ho ho

C’est mon premier Noël,ma reum a des étoiles plein les yeux et moi aussi, parce que j’ai cru voir qu’il y avait un paquet de cadeaux pour moi.

Je vous souhaite de belles fêtes les vieux !



(t’as vu, ils m’ont pas loupé encore)