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Is known as the Nike history of the lightest, fastest and most environmentally friendly football shoes


Nike released this summer, the latest soccer shoes, this shoe will blend lightweight, fast and environmentally friendly features.

Nike designers face challenges in the shoes design abandon all the cumbersome design, retaining only the most necessary element in the game at the same time achieve stability control light mobile and high-speed run. The Nike GS which came into being, it is manufactured using renewable recycled materials, superior performance on the court, at the same time very low impact on the environment.

A Nike designer will be a part of Nike GS boots were optimized, and strive to reduce the weight and reduce waste, create a history of the latest lightweight football shoes - size 9 yards Nike GS soccer shoes weighs only 160 grams.

The Nike GS boots in Italian design and manufacture of uppers and soles use recycled recycled materials. Soles most biological material made from castor beans, meet Stadium on the strength and flexibility of the dual demands, but the insole using materials

100% made from castor beans. Shoelaces, lining and tongue at least 70% recyclable materials. Toe board and upper uses at least 15% recycled material.

"Nike GS we produce the most lightweight and fast shoes, it marks the birth we have entered a new era in the development, design and production of top football shoes field," said Nike football global design director Andy Kane . "If you produce one that is both high-end performance and low environmental impact of shoes, which regardless of our environment for the players themselves, or is a pioneering work."

The Nike GS to the following high-performance, recyclable and renewable materials into the design:

Base plate and spikes constructor:

The Nike GS soles with high-performance backplane, responsive and sensitive. Soles Pebax ® Renu from 50% recycled material (a material extracted from plants, 97% of the raw materials for the castor bean) and 50% TPU (using 32% recycled materials) made. That

Backplane 15% lighter than traditional backplane material.

The soles also with the simple design of the diamond-shaped "spine" (spine) technology to further optimize the flexibility and sensitivity of the base plate.

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