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Easy Oil Painting

Not ridden in a lot of things, you think we should equip themselves with a little more last year, returned to the community college, the election to the I Ching's class, always feel the need to take the time to appreciate the wisdom of our ancestors, but did not expect only on one semester I'll back off> <

I see the content of classical vertigo, dry ridge against Gen-kun from Bagua Zhen Xun esoteric let me sleepy, almost questioning they know motivated, so decided to come back after one semester he had been obsessed with painting lessons. Small woman's qualifications can not fathom the wisdom of our ancestors to tell us ah! So I Ching bye bye> <


Remember 6-7 years ago, Wanhua community large "easy to learn painting" is the first phase of recruitment propaganda that year it relied on to write, no matter painting based on impulse registration. Then use your fingers to count the number of students out on a few occasions not open due to insufficient enrollment classes, and later like that atmosphere, so when painting heart calm down, of course, it is undeniable that, I met a good teacher .


Places to squeeze into the last year, and now the "easy to learn painting" but are full every semester, compared with the previous predicament really varied considerably, perhaps the first of the year for students, so the teacher had the impression of the name before riding into the classroom, the teacher surprise to recognize, first class to break down barriers between the two sides.


Although years have been exposed to painting, but I also stopped for several years, not to mention the degree was still suspended when newborn, or even come back from a newborn begun to explore the extent, the degree of alumni are too strong I might also catch their footsteps ah! (shame ing)


Painting of a painter Yang Yongfu works of intention to die. Learning sky color painting, unfinished can only say to myself, come on! Very progressive space Oh!> <Good comfort themselves ah!


Painting No. 2 - painter Ran Maoqin proposed model works. Focus on learning and distance Daniel Ridgway Knight paintings mountain color performance handling, and use of brush strokes to show texture but apparently still is far worse, resulting in weaker intensity of the mountain, but gradually mastered color directions.


Painting No. 3 - painting techniques and color changes of tree, trees, distance color concepts. The original green paint on the inside is the hardest of all, how to see the photo in Greenview, draw painting in rich colors ...... I'm going crazy> <


Paintings fourth site - water colors with space integration. Sunset, photos of real colors look dull, with paintings showing more abundant. Then after the teacher pointing and more pleasing to the eye ...... after minor repairs and painting baby sister adoption by the Soviet Union, I hope you can enrich the color of her new home ah!
Painting Section 5 - Still Life. Type body mastery and use of color techniques; object texture performance. Let me draw another setback to fast crazy potted> <Even if the classroom teacher has repeatedly stressed that although white, but white is only suitable for applications focus on the strengthening of white, background or to mix a variety of colors

Landscape with Butterflies

, distance is the pot white flowers, but close look at its color is rich. But obviously I did not even know to do orz.


Then bring it to the classroom and the teacher gets adjusted, after the teacher's hand of God, and my white in the picture is more coordinated ...... ha ha ha.


The teacher said I bold use of color is not enough, and too careful, so it can not add a variety of colors, the last will or a group of white to color photo is not wrong, but for a long time this is not engaging, I think I understand a little bit a> <


In fact, this should be the first six, former Article 5 is painted buildings and flowers, but then I went to Orchid Island vacation, came back not to mention vigorously to complete, so we skipped> <


Watching this semester to complete the work, in fact, quite a sense of accomplishment, regardless of how the painting work is to have a happy fu ah!!

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