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Handmade oil paintings

"No matter how busy work , every week 'm looking forward to the arrival of oil painting lessons , class time as possible against all odds to empty down," not even studied painting at the time , the students said these words yet deep experience , but only too soon I can quite understand , because that is really exciting moment in after a week of hectic , boring work time, relax and be a good way to release stress , can also add to the fantastic fun of everyday life .


Originally wanted to study painting in mind before personal favorite photo shoot and painted canvas, but then gradually found paintings and photography, framing, colors and lighting performance in fact there is a difference , and sometimes this difference is not small , slowly to appreciate good photography is not necessarily suitable for used  handmade oil paintings , everything should still be step by step , starting with the start copying masterpieces honed , patiently learning the fine artists of color , composition and performance of the way , to observe , to be changed timely , then slowly converted to their own skills , do not start with a photo that painting could make progress as space is limited .


In the second study towards painting Hui months, began to study painting with a variety of trees, the use of primary colors , and try to pick a variety of different subjects to learn Caillebotte Gustave paintings the process, not only have more contact with a lot of great painters and style , but also adds some aesthetic knowledge and horizons of three paintings of this coursework are taken from the "natural mood and landscape painting " album in the works of Mr. Zhang Hong .

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