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With "Percy Jackson " to see the exhibit novel

Is the National Palace Museum exhibition " Western Mythology and Legends - Louvre Collection " exhibition, each piece has its own exhibits inspired by mythology . A number of works with high standing Poseidon related to this exhibition can also be seen once in Railton briefly appeared in the novel ocean Houan Fei Qu Di and Wang Zicui Leiden ( refer to the novel " ultimate god " ) .

( Note: the name of the Greek mythological figure probably no fixed translation , plus English and French pronounced differently , see the instructions at the exhibition venue brand name , had read with the myths and Percy Jackson series of novels ‧ different translation of this article , referring to the name of the exhibition will exhibit primarily, but mentioned that Percy Jackson series of novels , the translation of the novel will be based. )


this paintings is by Bon Boullogne
Painting " Niepu Dayton drove Weng Fei Ti maritime carriage with special access to his palace " is a 18th-century French painter Michael (Bon Boulogne) oil paintings , depicting Poseidon Niepu Dayton ( Greek name : Poseidon ) marry the sea fairies Weng Fei Hui Gong Ti particular scene . According to mythology , Poseidon Niepu Dayton enthusiastic pursuit Weng Fei Ti special, but at first refused special Weng Fei Ti , scared hiding. Later Dolphins God took a lot of effort to find DaVinci Weng Fei Ti special, to convince her to accept Niepu Dayton mind. Finally decided to accept special Weng Fei Ti Niepu Dayton quest to become the wife of Poseidon , sea afterwards. She gave birth to several children together Niepu Dayton , one of the boys Tritton also become one of the sea gods , but also Niepu Dayton heir to the throne . Compared to other gods , Weng Fei Ti especially in some small share of mythology , it is only the female incarnation of the ocean is considered . In ancient Greece vases creation, usually Weng Fei Ti particularly drawn into young women.

In the " Percy Jackson " series of novels , Weng Fei Ti Bent and Triton have also appeared in the book . In the Episode "ultimate god ", when Posey • Jackson for the first time into the sea to visit his father's undersea palace , after he met Weng Fei Ti marine special ( book translated as Amphion flexor pedicle ) and half-brother Tritton ( the book translated as Cui Leiden ) . However, Niepu Dayton Posey introduced to his wife was about to take when Weng Fei Ti Special only coldly responded , then left , leaving the people present burst of embarrassment. Posey said: " I ​​feel so embarrassed , but can not blame her ." Merry around her husband , who is the Queen Palace, saw her husband with other women gave birth to a child , the natural mood is not very good .

As Tritton , see Posey , there was no release of much goodwill. In Posey seems that he and Tyson compared Tritton on Tyson -friendly and more. Legend of the sea mermaid prince Tritton is , soles of the feet part is fin . Artistic craftsmen usually look to the performance of his youth , there are many creators Greek times to the caudal fin dolphin fins to render Tritton . Exhibitions in the second half of the relief work after the exhibition , there are one entitled " Triton Poseidon and the sea fairies ," the relief was a sculptor Gérard Van Opstal in the 17th century marble sculptures . Van Opstal addition there is also another in the same theme as the theme of stone creation, and this piece is also more than a little Eros in the next, to convey a softer romantic atmosphere.

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