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Theatre Pictorial


Here is a small article written for the occasion by his friend David Pugnana :

"Painting and theater are in the scene, Saturday, August 24th at the Gallery " Lancelot "in Sarzana , in Via Cattaneo 12 . At 18:30 , to inaugurate the opening of the exhibition of the painter and actor Arnold Mangini , Mangini will be a performance of the same together with Fulvio Fuina , one of the protagonists of the last edition of the television Zelig Off The artist offers a wide visual anthology of his work , since 1997 , with the goal of bringing the audience into his pictorial theater , through themes, motifs and shapes marked with a clownish humor where elements are intertwined and sinister atmosphere of agreements on a sonic palette .

The key works as toothache Apollinaire and I'll see you at Philippi Alfred Gockel Blind Willy Middle Panel seem to constitute in the eyes of the viewer as symbolic theater of interiority of the author.

For this reason, throw an overview of the corpus of drawings and paintings of Arnaldo Mangini , presented in the exhibition at the Gallery " Lancelot " in Sarzana , is profiled in our eyes autobiography through figures and landscapes , in which laughter is seal on the edge of the cry or scrap verbal and objects , which punctuate the scene of playful elements and clownish but actually alienated , are anything but innocent totem of the fairy tale and the game Alfred Gockel Paintings. The exhibition will be open from 24 August to 8 September , from Tuesday to Sunday 18-22 hours . "

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