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What infinite charm in the words: "Remember ... Marina Tsvetaeva


"What an infinite charm in a few words:" Remember ... the one who went out, took his black staff and leave you these golden leaves. "Is not all the wisdom in this: take away the black and gold leave? And no one understands, and all know, forget it! "Marina Tsvetaeva. From the notebooks


On Black Mountain,
Eclipsed - the whole world!
It's time - time - time
Creator return ticket.


Marina Tsvetaeva (300x410, 34Kb)



August 31, 1941 - that terrible day of hopeless despair - committed suicide Marina Tsvetaeva.


Read these lines written out her hand:



In my thoughts to the contrary, INAC,
And unresolved, as a treasure,
Step by step, poppy for poppy seeds -
Decapitated the whole garden.
So, someday, in the dry
Summer, on the edge of the field,
Scattered by the hand of death
Remove the head - my.




When I look at the flying leaves,
Fly on the cobblestone butt
Sour cream - as an artist with a brush,
Picture ends finally
I think (I do not like anyone
Neither my camp, nor all my thoughtful)
That distinctly yellow, strongly rusty
One such sheet on top - forgotten.



Artist Svetlana Valuev


the other painter Claude Monet Paintings

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