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A woman is always a little - a little like the sea .... Artist Felix Mas.



A woman is always a little like the sea.
Sea something woman slightly.
There are waves somewhere in the closet,
hidden in a thin little chest.



This wave of feelings or hunches.
As if the abyss fatal
curls prichesochka prichudnoy
gulls cry over head.

A woman from the vulgar spots fatty
storm cleared itself,
and under the skin in the veins of the defenseless
boil with a roar of the storm.


There, at the bottom in memory, hidden
so many wrecks - even cry,
and hope - the rainbow fish
fall back on hooks.



Woman, like the sea, so appealing,
but men, like ships,
Only the top soul hurt -
depth they have neglected.


Woman, like the sea, the sky begs
if calm, to send anything.
Woman - a special sea
that the sea can drown.
Yevgeny Yevtushenko


Vladimir Kush Paintings
Spanish artist Felix Mas was born in Barcelona, art education in Artes y Oficios and Escuela Superior de San Jorge, then continued his artistic education in many travels throughout Europe and the United States, eventually returned home to work. The artist creates images of women, as the music that you can watch, listen to, as a ballad. His work has been exhibited in galleries in the United States, Russia, Britain, France, recently published his book, which reflects the artist's life, written in English and Russian languages. Despite his fame, Felix Mas was a humble man, while continuing to pursue his dream of becoming "The Artist" in the most complete and absolute sense, working twelve hours a day in his studio in Barcelona. His studio is his world, a place where he plays all that he had experienced from the outside world and gives form to what he had already gathered.

Vladimir Kush African Sonata


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