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Batoni (Button) portrait





Batoni (Button), Pompeo Girolamo (ital. Pompeo Girolamo Batoni (Battoni)) (1708 Lucca - 1787 Rome) - Italian painter of the Rococo style and neoclassicism.










Purity of heart 1752



Portrait of Countess Maria Benedetta di San Martino 1785



Thomas Kerrich




Portrait of the Marquis John Montermera 1750s



Portrait of Emperor Joseph II and his brother Leopold of Tuscany

In 1769 for the double portrait of Joseph II and Leopold II, Batoni was awarded the title of Austrian nobleman.



Portrait of Sir Gregory Page-Turner 1768



Prince of Rome, Charles Roberts, 1778



Portrait of Senator Abbondio Rezzonico, 1756


Batoni fate has developed successfully. Already in the early 1740s. He had no shortage of orders for the altarpiece, mythological, historical and allegorical paintings, and in 1741 he was admitted to the Academy of St. Luke. Batoni came to Rome in great fashion, especially after his colleague and rival Anton Raphael Mengs, a representative of early neoclassicism, moved in 1761 to Madrid.

Most often, the artist wrote to distinguished persons. Despite the brightness of the psychological characteristics of the model, it is always inherent something in common: the aristocratic dignity, emotional, but at the same time special, "philosophical" state.

Glory drew a portrait in his studio highest aristocratic nobility from all over Europe, he ordered portraits of the Pope and the monarchs. He was the keeper of the papal collections, and his house became a meeting place for artists of the day, social and intellectual center.

Art Batoni was not aware of conflicts with the public taste and found a constant recognition of his contemporaries.

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