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Felitsin Rostislav I.

(* Not later than the 1820s, Moscow - † 1882) - Russian painter, academician of painting.
Born into a family of Moscow middle class. He studied painting at the art of the Moscow art class.
In 1842, for the successful assimilation of drawing and painting received from the Imperial Academy of Arts title neklassnogo artist.
The following year, was accepted as a student of the Academy.
Expert of Russian rural life. He painted genre scenes of folk life.
In 1857, for the painting "On the porch of the cabin" and "Reading the letters" RI Felitsin was awarded the title of academician of painting folk scenes.
In addition to the genre, RI Felitsin wrote portraits. All work Felitsin filled with love and compassion to the character image.
The Russian Museum now has three works by the artist, RI Felitsin: "Widow" ("slain") (1852), "Country Girl" (On the porch of the cabin) (1855), "sad news" (read the letter ) (1856).


"Country Girl" (On the porch of the cabin) (1855)


"Widow" ("slain") (1852)


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