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Drink love ... Bryce Cameron Liston Pictures (Bryce Cameron Liston)


When you come back ....

I cooked you some coffee,

So how do you like ...

Tastefully cinnamon ...

Days without you ...

Long way ... to Calvary,

Let me also ...

Love thy drink.


Drink love ...

With the aftertaste of tenderness,

As the drops of dew ...

In the garden alone,

Come drown ...

In love, inevitability,

And let there ....

This evening will not end.

Daryl Millard paintings


Liston was born in Utah, USA, in 1965. His artistic education he started at a young age, when viewed as a mother painting landscapes of Utah. Later he continued his studies at the University of, but most of his knowledge he got in the studio of the sculptor Edward J. Fraughton. Bryce works exhibited in galleries across the country, each year he participates in many national and international exhibitions.

Works Bryce won many prestigious awards, including The Tuffy Berg Award, The Honorary Chairman's Award and Southwest Art Award of Excellence in 2010 at the Auction Russell, 2010 in Great Falls. His work is published in many magazines and book covers. He currently lives in Holladay, Utah, with his wife and three daughters.






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