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Eyes - not a mirror of the soul!


Daniel Merriam paintings

Eyes - not a mirror of the soul,

A soul - doors,

We have to get them in a hurry,

We strongly believe,

What's behind the door, in-depth

Soul magic,

We are waiting for a shimmering window

Fire sincere.


Love their invaluable fever,

Fire light,

How do we want to make this gift

Soul gave!

And so, with hope in your hands,

Knocking on the door ...

Dver.O opened, God! ah,

Who would have believed,


What is this darkness that this pain,

What's this cold,

Could vale of soul

A fill,

And holy light soul,

In the frosty haze

Lights middle of the room is empty

Shaky smile.


Mirrored doors other light

Calls and lures,

But the sharp edge of the door mirrors -

It hurts hurts!

Lights charming fire

Not warming,

Try it just touch -

Burn playing.


The eyes are not mirror of the soul,

A soul - doors,

Perhaps this is the door to life,

To love and faith

And maybe - in a ghostly fog

Unkind tales

Where the light - a mirage, love - cheating,

On their faces - masks ...

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