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~ John Salminen ... Watercolor ... ~


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This is interesting ... Well, to what extent should love the city and its work,


that with such thoroughness to create sophisticated technology, urban landscapes amazing !?


  Have John Salminen same type of work as if stamped in places like the artist perfected some techniques, but there are a diversity of subjects, composition and mood. The artist clearly found his favorite subjects, and feels it is ready to create infinitely in this direction. Perhaps he gigantic archive of urban images. In some types of work uncharacteristic human perspective view long lenses.


Morningside Park



John Salminen was born and raised in the city of St. Paul, which is in the state of Minnesota in the North of the United States. There you learned and received a master's degree at the University of Minnesota. For over 34 years, Salminen was a teacher at the Art School. Along with teaching high school students wrote himself painting grew as an artist.




        John Salminen very productive artist. If he's not on the regular seminars, exhibitions and so on, writes in his studio at 6-10 hours a day. When traveling gathering material for future works - photographs urban landscapes, as well as his wife, who is also a teacher and photographer.


To accurately recreate minute details, John Salminen first records seen by the camera, and after paints a picture paints. Skill of the artist today appreciated: his paintings are among the collections of the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, he is a member of such organizations as the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society et al., As well as watercolor Research Institute of Jiangsu in China .





During his artistic career, he has more than two hundred times, became the winner of various competitions, including the Gold Medal and the Silver Star AWS in the National Watercolor Society. Now John gladly helps young talents, participate in competitions already as a judge, he writes books about painting and willing to share their secrets, copyrights releasing training wheels.

   John lives and works in a makeshift log cabin surrounded by 160,000 square meters of pine forest in Duluth, Minn ....

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April in Central Park


I'm not a rose blooming in your garden ... Mary Aslin


I'm not a rose blooming in your garden ... Mary Aslin


I'm not a rose blooming in your garden

And the birds do not sing me lullabies,

As the storm burst, I will come to you

We love has not separate the two halves.


Shed rain into your open window

And touch you quietly hand

Do you remember the rainbow beauty long

Bending over us beautiful arc.


Sneak into every corner of your soul

Slightly disturbing cold breeze,

We have scattered across the planet turns

I sighed about you often and secretly.


Attending a sunset or dawn ranneyu,

Let fall their disheveled tresses,

As a stranger, I'll ask quartered

And otgremyat in thine heart thunderstorms.


I'll be back to where it was so warm

Do not stop loving you again find,

I'll be back razluchnitse fate of evil,

I'm not a rose blooming in your garden.






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Antonio Duarte God's plan


Antonio Duarte God's plan



Main Street Magic

"... And God created woman ..."


    God is love.

Taking a rib from him created man, he created him from a woman, beautiful, fragile and delicate.

Breathed into her soul, gentle and sensual, capable of love and sacrifice.

    As a flesh and blood man, a woman is capable of much, as he did.

However, Gd commanded it alone: to be a mother, to grow the fruit of the seed thrown man.

This naiperveyshee its purpose, its debt and its power.

Be fruitful and generous, as field, coveted as the sun, strong and gentle, like an angel.

This woman God intended.

    To every woman lurking mystery, gave her the wonderful gift - to dance, dance surrendering as love.

From century to century, driven by instinct, woman dancing Life and Love.


    Doubt? Get accustomed to dancing women, and you comprehend God's plan.


Mila Logvinova