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The life of Joseph Mallord William Turner

The life of Joseph Mallord William Turner, "the painter of light", was characterized by an entire devotion to his art.

From a rough and rugged temperament, he was an insatiable traveler traveling tirelessly, often alone, Europe, especially Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland. Everywhere, in the manner of a reporter, he drew or reproduced using watercolors, landscapes, sites and monuments. He thus bequeathed to the British state at his death, more than 20,000 works on paper!

If it was initially a big fan of the old masters, particularly the historic landscape Claude Jelly (1600-1682 says Lorrain) and Nicolas Poussin, his work, romantic essence evolve into a bold new pictorial representation, pre -impressionniste in which he dissolved the details of the subject in colorful atmospheres.


Turner at his studio
William TURNER, 1835-1837
British National Museum, London Paintings for sale

His travel watercolors, published from 1826 in "The Keepsake" (one of these directories, so popular with the middle class, combining literary and artistic works), and collections of engravings on steel or copper, "The Turner's Annual Tour ", edited from 1831, made the knowledge and appreciation of English society.

However, the evolution of his oil painting, modern surprisingly, was not understood by the majority of his contemporaries who spoke of Turner delusions.


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