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Colorful oil painting stick sandpaper painting

Oil painting stick sandpaper painting is the use of oil painting in the sanding of sandpaper (emery cloth) of the grinding surface of the painting. Oil painting stick colorful, fine grain, soft texture: sandpaper grinding surface is more rough, is conducive to oil painting stick color attached to the screen, and sandpaper deeper background to bring out the color of oil painting sticks. Therefore, the painting stick sandpaper color bright, uniform picture, simple tools, children learn to learn music is a kind of children's paintings, loved by the majority of teachers and students.
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Tool Material:

Oil painting sticks, sanding or emery cloth

Painting process:

1, the idea. Want to draw the theme and content; 2, layout. The content to be painted on the screen for the appropriate arrangements; 3, painting. The screen to be displayed on the object specifically painted out; 4, complete. The screen for the appropriate adjustments and changes to complete the creation of the whole picture.


Color method:

1, hook line coloring. First with oil painting stick gently tick out outline, and then by painting need to painted color;

2, direct color. Not hook profile, direct use of oil painting in the sandpaper (emery cloth) to describe the object;

3, superimposed coloring. After coating the first layer of color, according to the need to use the same or different colors and then coating the second layer, the third layer of color;
In this case,
4, changes in force. In the painted color, the force changes in severity, will make the screen color shades of change, resulting in three-dimensional and sense of space.

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