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Claude Monet San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk Oil Painting


Update, ah ~ painting is the only thing that I have been sticking to. Unfortunately, it is not that this major has no better condition to improve myself but I will keep going on. 12 for the first time, paint color character also good not too bad, insufficient place please advice (? ? ? ?, ? ?)






More recent, la la la

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Ha ha has started the landscape painting


This is our school back mountain

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The first oil painting in the life that began yesterday afternoon is not finished yet. Answer Lord has certain artistic foundation. Very like sketch landscape, painting has prepared a semester to self-study books bought some oil paintings, but didn't dare to feel good painting profound + _ +, in fact, drawing up is more simple than gouache and draw very beautiful color is painted the wall.

The main idea is that it is necessary to understand the history of oil painting and to have a reliable textbook.


The first painting is a copy of master sisley's work, although it is useless to know what the oil of turpentine oil is. Download a great number of images of master hd works and observe their pen and expression techniques. In fact, the most important thing is to draw the picture, the second is the bold painting, the drawing is not difficult to imagine. After buying a lot of oil painting frames, they will hoard money to buy tools themselves.

Tomorrow will go to my grandma's, climb to the top of the mountain painting, although things are heavier, but a main think nothing ~ because I can draw in front of the beauty of the scene is very happy thing, painting is my favorite thing. Update the picture


Claude Monet San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk Oil Painting Reproductions
Every day it's been fumigated...

The static at home. A little perspective problem (. ? ? ? ?)

It's a long way to learn oil painting well.

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