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Jean-Léon Gérôme art paintings

Please lightly spray, junior high school intermittent three years sketch interest classes, painting the painting is not more than ten, are their own slowly explore the process. Want to share with everyone, but also hope that predecessors pointed out the lack of and give some advice,


The first painting is about six months ago in the school's painting room, just where there are oil painting materials, that day and boring, according to the minds of Van Gogh's starry imitation of a come out. Before painting their own watercolor and color lead painting, has never come into contact with such a texture of the pigment, just feel hit hit true love, like pregnant spring girl in the studio where she could not stop, almost become a strange school. But then do not understand what is holding the paint up squeeze ha ha ha.


After returning home I am excited to buy Taobao hundred yuan beginner set also bought a few pieces of oil painting box ready to become Van Gogh Monet. With a new pen and paint a picture of my dog. This frame is only 30 * 20 centimeters so little brushwork are not, but still very happy to draw their own, the dog also threw the tail silly music.
The teacher told us that the article should be inherited, and now the problem is coming. I do not have the concept of how to wash the pen, the Internet is to see the same as the rinse of sheep in the oil rinse rin on the finished child. I rinse the rinse back to sleep, the next morning up silly eyes, and all the brushes are frozen with the old popsicles like the points are not open. Gas I would like to jump into the front of the Yangtze River to give the masses a good day to eat dumplings.


But the new brush to buy two days on the bad I did not dare and father and mother say, so put a few days and bite the bullet on the.
The third came a highlight, drew my brother's brother Biejian, painted me at least eight hours he felt painstaking in this life do not want to touch the pen again. We can enlarge the picture can see the transition and its bad, hard really can not open the state, of course, I have no technical at all. Basic head crown that is a patient job. But this picture received the dear friend of the comrades of the unanimous recognition, so at that time did not realize the problem, but also happy Baji promised to help people painting portraits


Miserable ...
What can i say
I am embarrassed to see this picture when I give this picture to my friend
Rigid like a dozen ten drops of hyaluronic acid
But it also helped me to understand the problem
I began to look at the portrait of foreign academic circles, but also finally know that oil painting is time to wait to continue painting. The The The The


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