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Lisa Breslow: New York through the eyes of descendants

In the art of Lisa Breslow brought her own father - he was a portraitist artist and perfectly passed on his daughter's hobby favorite thing. Therefore, from an early age she knew exactly what she wanted from her own life. The whole of their small house, located on the outskirts of Long Island, was filled to the top with art objects - that is, the atmosphere also influenced the formation of personal goals. The parent was an ardent supporter of humanistic traditions, so instead of deity in the family he commanded the minds of Rembrandt. But Lisa Breslow (Lisa Breslow) found her own way in painting, though, rather, it was he who came to her. The endless journeys in her early youth settled her passion for the landscape in her heart. Humanists were pushed aside, a young artist entered the life of the landscape.



About eight years ago Lisa Breslow was invited as a member of the show gallery, the theme of which was New York. It was her hometown, nevertheless, at that time, she did not draw a single city landscape with his participation. Central Park immediately turned into a favorite theme, and its lake was joined by a natural landscape and geometric architecture. The artist paid special attention to how these reflections transform at different times of the day. The discovery struck so much that the artist in a different light saw the world around him. Since then, New York has become its only theme.

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Now Lisa is able to wrest certain moments from the life cycle of the big city and make them the plots of paintings. Such paintings are very much able to tell about a real place and its environment. For example, only the eye of a talented artist in love with his city could notice that two trees connected their crowns, like an arch, over the street of the West Village on a clear winter day. And to reflect this magical event on your canvas. Who knows how New York will be remembered for the people of the future. The way it is now, or the way Lisa Breslow saw it.
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