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Pavel Antipov Fisher of images


"Image catcher" - the story that we live in a consumer world, and always in pursuit of decorative, deceptive.
We are forced to chase butterflies.
But the fishers of images - it is somewhat different from the others.
He is interested in this butterfly, its very existence. He himself wants to fly.
He does not need possession, but see the meaning of what actually happens.





Night does not hurry the sun to dawn
The higher in the mountains, the more light
The more light, the less sleep
Summer is soon ... you can fall in love ...
You can walk on scattered milestones
Do you hear the Angels of Laughter fall?
With a white cloud in white robes ...
White Birds Bring Us Hope
The light from Hope becomes wider ...
White Birds live in our world.

Natalia Glazunova-Moiseeva



My thoughts swim over the Earth with clouds

Blue bluish seams melting memories ...
The sun is falling on the frightening roads
The wind of dreams flips through the dates of the pearl necklace
With wormholes of life with burn marks
The night flows ... sliding into the abyss ...
Crumbles and fades away
The day on the tree of heaven is gaining strength again
And Earth gives hope to the earth, crumbling with crystals
From the Holy Grail of sounds in the mantle of purple

... my thoughts float on the Earth with clouds ...

Natalia Glazunova-Moiseeva



"A source".
-Inquireably water, maybe knowledge, strength, energy, money ... and what people do at this source. They wash, drink, store a lot of pitchers, so that they do not carry away. One of them looks at the sky. Is not there a true source?



"Dance in the Viennese chair".
There are two semantic layers.
I wanted to show instability, instability: first, in the relationship between a man and a woman; Second, the era of the early twentieth century.
It's not for nothing that the color distribution refers to Suprematism, and, you see, the Viennese chair and the gramophone are also ...


"Blue bird"
This work is more narrative.
About the attitude to this most blue bird. There are three people who are after her hunt with different thoughts. Someone needs a bird, someone is satisfied with a feather; Well, the most cunning one - he looks into the nest, there are eggs; And, if necessary, he will sit one more bird.

by Josef Kote paintings for sale

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