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Mr. Selfridge. 1-2 season

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Mr. Selfridge. 1-2 season

Mr. Selfridge
Year of manufacture: 2013-2014
Genre: Drama
Country: United Kingdom
Quality: HDRip
Director: Anthony Byrne
Cast: Jeremy Piven, Amanda Abbington, Catherine Kelly, Ben Abril paintings for sale

Ron Cook

Description: Harry Gordon Selfridge was one of those who laid the foundations of modern retail trade and entrepreneurship in general. As an American businessman, Mr. Selfridge in the early 20th century made his first voyage to the Old World, or rather, to London. At this time, England was considered the center of world industry, so here was something to look at the enterprising Yankees.

It is here that Mr. Selfridge decides to open his first shopping center, capable of meeting the needs of customers as much as possible. And it is to him that we are obliged to become the "winged" phrase "the client is always right". The series covers a vast segment of Mr. Selfridge's life, during which he will experience as grandiose climbs, enjoying the joy of victory, and painful falls that give him an invaluable life experience.

1 season
2 season

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