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How to broadcast a diary with Lyra on LJ

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How to broadcast a diary with Lyra on LJ

When discussing the message How to translate the contents of the diary to Lyra in Yandex diary ... in personal correspondence there were questions: What is cross-hosting and what is the broadcast.
So for those who do not yet know:
Crossposting is the placement of the same message (post) in several places at the same time. You can run it using some editor to create posts (for example, Windows Live Writer).
Broadcasting is automatic copying of messages from one place to another. That is, you post the post to, say, LiRu, and it is automatically sent to other blogs and diaries on other services.

As a result, we have the same (posted the same post on different services), and the implementation mechanism is different. Frankly speaking, the translation for the author is simpler.

Immediately there is an additional question, but is it harmful to broadcast for the main blo Nissan Engel art paintings for sale

g-diary, because in the result will be several blogs with the same content, but on different sites?

Answer: If the summary is not harmful from the point of view of the search engines, but the audience is noticeably expanding.
So "How to broadcast a diary with LiRu on LJ":
The easiest way is official (but it's not the only one) and I have it working successfully. To automatically broadcast your posts from the diary to LiRu to the blog on LiveJournal you need to enter the login and password of your LJ in the diary settings. For what we go into the settings (see the first picture) and get (see the second figure)

Where click the link Crossposting.

In the window that opens, select "Yes" next to "Copy my open entries" and then enter the Login and Password from the account. Click the Make Changes button. And after that, if you do not remove the checkbox "Make cross-hosting in LJ" when writing a message in your diary, your message will be added, both to your blog on Lear and to LJ.
Good luck.
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