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The Paris light ... Oh, how he beckons with the magic magic of flowers ...

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The Paris light ... Oh, how he beckons with the magic magic of flowers ...

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 Paris light ... Oh, how he beckons
Magic magic of flowers -
That, not ashamed, will glance in the eye,
Then secretly throw a spark into the blood.

That timidly hide in a fog,
Shining with trickles of rain ...
Then suddenly drown in the ocean
And again he will retreat, into the distance gliding. The Paris light plays with the shadow,
As a wizard in Wonderland -
That will blind the sun in a moment,
That will flash with lightning from heaven.

Then in the wind a veil will fly,
Pleasing in the rainbow rays ...
That starry flickering distance,
Again it will fall into darkness.

In Paris, the night ... Together with you
We sail through the Seine amidst the lights ...
You know that in the Parisian world
My love is even stronger ?!
© Copyright: Tatyana Vorontsova

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I dreamed of Paris ...
 I dreamed of Paris -
City of happiness, dreams and freedom.
Again and again, my memory
Returns at night there,
Where are the loving couples
Meet the Seine at sunrises,
And to the station D'Orsay
Do not come already trains. Lace Notre Dame
The chimeras are impassive.
In the Luxembourg Garden
Jasmine and lilac bloom.
The coffee smells of Latin Quarter,
Where I was happy without measure.
And meets Mont Martre
Bird singing tomorrow.
Here the separation is bright,
Well, meetings are easy and beautiful.
Here the charming voice of Piaf
Burns you with a passion for the heart.
Here, seeing Paris, die -
Do not seem a victim in vain.
Die without seeing, -
Will turn into a mockery of the Creator ...
© Copyright: Maria Elagina

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