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Lonely houses in the greatness of winter

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Lonely houses in the greatness of winter

When the frost bites the tip of your nose, when the snow crunches under your feet,

and cold w Ken Wesman paintings for sale

inds blow away all your problems,

you know - the most severe, but beautiful time of the year has come.

Despite the unfavorable weather conditions, we still love the winter and do not cease to admire its icy beauty.

And, probably, there is no more cozy picture in the world than a warm light in the window of a small house,

which awaits you after a solitary winter walk.

From Lapland to the Swiss Alps and from Norway to Poland, these quiet traces of human existence,

on a smooth veil of winter, can be found in many curious places.

To your attention the collection of the most delightful winter landscapes, adorned with tiny houses.

Winter fairy tale


Polar night, Finland

A small house in a snowy forest

House in the arms of the forest


Stockholm, Sweden

Lapland, Finland

Shed in a woods

Yellow House

Tyrol, Austria

Red house in snowy Norway

Dents Du Midi in the Swiss Alps

Krkonoše Mountains, Poland

A lonely cottage in the Dolomites, Italy

In the dynamics: Vivaldi's music "Winter"


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