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"Cheese is strong, hot, nourishing ..." Hippocrates

Well, what kind of French wine without cheese?
So here you have to the New Year's table and cheese.))


"Cheese is strong, hot, nourishing ..."
Strong - because it's very close to being born;
Nutritious - because it represents the remainder of the most meaty part of milk;
Hot - because it is fat ... "

History of the discovery of cheese

There is a legend about the pioneer of cheese, a certain shepherd who supposedly went to distant pastures, stocking food, poured milk into a bag of sheep's stomach.
Under the influence of warm rays of the sun, enzymes and whipping in time with the movement of the shepherd, the milk was transformed into cheese.

"Lunch that does not end with cheese is like a beautiful woman with one eye," said Jean-Anselm Brilla-Savarin, a French lawyer, politician and culinary expert.
And he was absolutely right, because in our days it is not possible to imagine a meal without such a tasty and useful product!
In the history of the emergence of cheese and its marching along the planet, there are many interesting facts. Here are just some of them:


1. There is a legend according to which the inventor of cheese was a certain merchant.
Once, on his way, he took milk, which was poured into a container from a lamb's stomach.
After some time he arrived at the site and found that the milk was divided into whey and dense mass, which became the basis of modern cheese.



2. About 1 kg of milk is required to prepare 1 kg of cheese.
  But cheese is prepared not only from milk: there are cheeses made of soy, peas, calf or pig, from sour cream and even sugar with ice.


3. There are more than 1000 varieties of cheese in the world.
For the preparation of some, ordinary cow milk is required, while for others it is milk of buffalo. There are cheeses with a noble mold of a blue shade, and there is also a black mold. In addition, for ripening different kinds of cheeses it takes from 1 day to 10 years of aging.



4. Cheese is a very nutritious and easily digestible product. It contains up to 25% of proteins, up to 60% of milk fat and up to 3.5% of minerals, not counting table salt. In addition, it is a real storehouse of useful substances. The cheese contains vitamins A, D, E, B1, B2, PP, C, pantothenic acid, phosphorus and calcium.


5. During the ripening of cheese, harmless bacteria are formed in it, which produce gas.
Bubbles with gas, being released, leave in the cheese the famous holes, which specialists call "eyes".


6. The largest head of cheese weighing 721 kg was produced in the Altai Territory and presented at the "Cheese Festival" in Barnaul on September 14, 2007.



7. The original name of the Parmesan cheese is Parmigiano Reggiano. It is produced exclusively in several regions: in the north of Italy and in Germany. Because it is in these places that the grass grows, suitable for feeding cows, selected as producers of raw dairy raw materials. Even if the cheese is manufactured using identical technologies, but in another region, Parmesan, it can not be called legally.


8. They say that it was the soft Camembert cheese that contributed to the birth of Salvador Dalí's famous "Flowing Clock". Once, having tasted this cheese at dinner, the artist crouched in front of the unfinished canvas, extinguished the light and began to reflect on the wonderful taste of Camembert. It was then that he saw the miraculous vision of the "spreading time"

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Pavel Antipov Fisher of images


"Image catcher" - the story that we live in a consumer world, and always in pursuit of decorative, deceptive.
We are forced to chase butterflies.
But the fishers of images - it is somewhat different from the others.
He is interested in this butterfly, its very existence. He himself wants to fly.
He does not need possession, but see the meaning of what actually happens.





Night does not hurry the sun to dawn
The higher in the mountains, the more light
The more light, the less sleep
Summer is soon ... you can fall in love ...
You can walk on scattered milestones
Do you hear the Angels of Laughter fall?
With a white cloud in white robes ...
White Birds Bring Us Hope
The light from Hope becomes wider ...
White Birds live in our world.

Natalia Glazunova-Moiseeva



My thoughts swim over the Earth with clouds

Blue bluish seams melting memories ...
The sun is falling on the frightening roads
The wind of dreams flips through the dates of the pearl necklace
With wormholes of life with burn marks
The night flows ... sliding into the abyss ...
Crumbles and fades away
The day on the tree of heaven is gaining strength again
And Earth gives hope to the earth, crumbling with crystals
From the Holy Grail of sounds in the mantle of purple

... my thoughts float on the Earth with clouds ...

Natalia Glazunova-Moiseeva



"A source".
-Inquireably water, maybe knowledge, strength, energy, money ... and what people do at this source. They wash, drink, store a lot of pitchers, so that they do not carry away. One of them looks at the sky. Is not there a true source?



"Dance in the Viennese chair".
There are two semantic layers.
I wanted to show instability, instability: first, in the relationship between a man and a woman; Second, the era of the early twentieth century.
It's not for nothing that the color distribution refers to Suprematism, and, you see, the Viennese chair and the gramophone are also ...


"Blue bird"
This work is more narrative.
About the attitude to this most blue bird. There are three people who are after her hunt with different thoughts. Someone needs a bird, someone is satisfied with a feather; Well, the most cunning one - he looks into the nest, there are eggs; And, if necessary, he will sit one more bird.

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Lisa Breslow: New York through the eyes of descendants

In the art of Lisa Breslow brought her own father - he was a portraitist artist and perfectly passed on his daughter's hobby favorite thing. Therefore, from an early age she knew exactly what she wanted from her own life. The whole of their small house, located on the outskirts of Long Island, was filled to the top with art objects - that is, the atmosphere also influenced the formation of personal goals. The parent was an ardent supporter of humanistic traditions, so instead of deity in the family he commanded the minds of Rembrandt. But Lisa Breslow (Lisa Breslow) found her own way in painting, though, rather, it was he who came to her. The endless journeys in her early youth settled her passion for the landscape in her heart. Humanists were pushed aside, a young artist entered the life of the landscape.



About eight years ago Lisa Breslow was invited as a member of the show gallery, the theme of which was New York. It was her hometown, nevertheless, at that time, she did not draw a single city landscape with his participation. Central Park immediately turned into a favorite theme, and its lake was joined by a natural landscape and geometric architecture. The artist paid special attention to how these reflections transform at different times of the day. The discovery struck so much that the artist in a different light saw the world around him. Since then, New York has become its only theme.

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Now Lisa is able to wrest certain moments from the life cycle of the big city and make them the plots of paintings. Such paintings are very much able to tell about a real place and its environment. For example, only the eye of a talented artist in love with his city could notice that two trees connected their crowns, like an arch, over the street of the West Village on a clear winter day. And to reflect this magical event on your canvas. Who knows how New York will be remembered for the people of the future. The way it is now, or the way Lisa Breslow saw it.
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