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Lonely houses in the greatness of winter

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Lonely houses in the greatness of winter

When the frost bites the tip of your nose, when the snow crunches under your feet,

and cold w Ken Wesman paintings for sale

inds blow away all your problems,

you know - the most severe, but beautiful time of the year has come.

Despite the unfavorable weather conditions, we still love the winter and do not cease to admire its icy beauty.

And, probably, there is no more cozy picture in the world than a warm light in the window of a small house,

which awaits you after a solitary winter walk.

From Lapland to the Swiss Alps and from Norway to Poland, these quiet traces of human existence,

on a smooth veil of winter, can be found in many curious places.

To your attention the collection of the most delightful winter landscapes, adorned with tiny houses.

Winter fairy tale


Polar night, Finland

A small house in a snowy forest

House in the arms of the forest


Stockholm, Sweden

Lapland, Finland

Shed in a woods

Yellow House

Tyrol, Austria

Red house in snowy Norway

Dents Du Midi in the Swiss Alps

Krkonoše Mountains, Poland

A lonely cottage in the Dolomites, Italy

In the dynamics: Vivaldi's music "Winter"



Take fifteen. Dog's bite

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Take fifteen. Dog's bite.

After the boarding school, I immediately went to Moscow to enter the theater, but five universities were also immediately refused to me because of my prognathism (incorrect bite). The last hope was for the theatrical school in Yaroslavl, but also there students were not so bored. Then I went to a local motor plant, learned to turner and even became a drummer of communist labor. True, I did not stop dreaming about the stage. One day I was told that there was nothing so terrible in my bite, for example, in Leningrad there is a famous actress with exactly the same jaw, and this does not prevent her from playing in the theater and acting in films. Her surname did not tell me anything, but I went to St. Petersburg, went to the Lensoviet Theater and asked "the actress by the name of Freund Ech." Vakhtersha was amazed to say that Alisa Brunovna's surname is so famous that they know about it, probably , everything except for me. And then I reviewed all the performances with Freundlich, and fell in love with her on stage once and for all. As soon as I put on the coat of arms the icon "The drummer of communist labor" waited for her at the entrance. "Hello," I said, - here you are People's Artist Alice Freindlich, and I am a drummer of the compass Stasik Sadalsky. I am very I want to be an artist, but I'm told that there are no such artists. But I have the same dog bite as you, only you are a well-deserved artist, and they drive me from everywhere ... Alisa Brunovna asked me to read something and said: "If you believe in yourself, if you do not want to be anyone but an artist, go back to Moscow." It does not work out in Moscow, come to Leningrad, we'll think of something. "Then, many years later, we met at the creative evening of Andrei Petrov. In KZ "October" .Freindlih sang songs from "Office romance", I'm from "The Hus Charles Cottet art paintings for sale

sar ..." Of course, about That our meeting she did not remember what she honestly admitted. But all my life I'm grateful for her support, because after that conversation, rushing to Moscow, I still went to GITIS in the workshop to Konsky and Androvskaya. Today the actress has an anniversary. I congratulate her, I love her, I am proud of the fact that we are united by one director, one great sad city where my ancestors lived, and who gives birth to such stars as Alisa Brunovna, and that we are forever bound by this invisible ringing thread called Art.


The Paris light ... Oh, how he beckons with the magic magic of flowers ...

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The Paris light ... Oh, how he beckons with the magic magic of flowers ...

Previously, the material about Paris was here

 Paris light ... Oh, how he beckons
Magic magic of flowers -
That, not ashamed, will glance in the eye,
Then secretly throw a spark into the blood.

That timidly hide in a fog,
Shining with trickles of rain ...
Then suddenly drown in the ocean
And again he will retreat, into the distance gliding. The Paris light plays with the shadow,
As a wizard in Wonderland -
That will blind the sun in a moment,
That will flash with lightning from heaven.

Then in the wind a veil will fly,
Pleasing in the rainbow rays ...
That starry flickering distance,
Again it will fall into darkness.

In Paris, the night ... Together with you
We sail through the Seine amidst the lights ...
You know that in the Parisian world
My love is even stronger ?!
© Copyright: Tatyana Vorontsova

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I dreamed of Paris ...
 I dreamed of Paris -
City of happiness, dreams and freedom.
Again and again, my memory
Returns at night there,
Where are the loving couples
Meet the Seine at sunrises,
And to the station D'Orsay
Do not come already trains. Lace Notre Dame
The chimeras are impassive.
In the Luxembourg Garden
Jasmine and lilac bloom.
The coffee smells of Latin Quarter,
Where I was happy without measure.
And meets Mont Martre
Bird singing tomorrow.
Here the separation is bright,
Well, meetings are easy and beautiful.
Here the charming voice of Piaf
Burns you with a passion for the heart.
Here, seeing Paris, die -
Do not seem a victim in vain.
Die without seeing, -
Will turn into a mockery of the Creator ...
© Copyright: Maria Elagina