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Jean-Léon Gérôme art paintings

Please lightly spray, junior high school intermittent three years sketch interest classes, painting the painting is not more than ten, are their own slowly explore the process. Want to share with everyone, but also hope that predecessors pointed out the lack of and give some advice,


The first painting is about six months ago in the school's painting room, just where there are oil painting materials, that day and boring, according to the minds of Van Gogh's starry imitation of a come out. Before painting their own watercolor and color lead painting, has never come into contact with such a texture of the pigment, just feel hit hit true love, like pregnant spring girl in the studio where she could not stop, almost become a strange school. But then do not understand what is holding the paint up squeeze ha ha ha.


After returning home I am excited to buy Taobao hundred yuan beginner set also bought a few pieces of oil painting box ready to become Van Gogh Monet. With a new pen and paint a picture of my dog. This frame is only 30 * 20 centimeters so little brushwork are not, but still very happy to draw their own, the dog also threw the tail silly music.
The teacher told us that the article should be inherited, and now the problem is coming. I do not have the concept of how to wash the pen, the Internet is to see the same as the rinse of sheep in the oil rinse rin on the finished child. I rinse the rinse back to sleep, the next morning up silly eyes, and all the brushes are frozen with the old popsicles like the points are not open. Gas I would like to jump into the front of the Yangtze River to give the masses a good day to eat dumplings.


But the new brush to buy two days on the bad I did not dare and father and mother say, so put a few days and bite the bullet on the.
The third came a highlight, drew my brother's brother Biejian, painted me at least eight hours he felt painstaking in this life do not want to touch the pen again. We can enlarge the picture can see the transition and its bad, hard really can not open the state, of course, I have no technical at all. Basic head crown that is a patient job. But this picture received the dear friend of the comrades of the unanimous recognition, so at that time did not realize the problem, but also happy Baji promised to help people painting portraits


Miserable ...
What can i say
I am embarrassed to see this picture when I give this picture to my friend
Rigid like a dozen ten drops of hyaluronic acid
But it also helped me to understand the problem
I began to look at the portrait of foreign academic circles, but also finally know that oil painting is time to wait to continue painting. The The The The


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Claude Monet San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk Oil Painting


Update, ah ~ painting is the only thing that I have been sticking to. Unfortunately, it is not that this major has no better condition to improve myself but I will keep going on. 12 for the first time, paint color character also good not too bad, insufficient place please advice (? ? ? ?, ? ?)






More recent, la la la

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Ha ha has started the landscape painting


This is our school back mountain

Line -- -- -- -- -- -- --


The first oil painting in the life that began yesterday afternoon is not finished yet. Answer Lord has certain artistic foundation. Very like sketch landscape, painting has prepared a semester to self-study books bought some oil paintings, but didn't dare to feel good painting profound + _ +, in fact, drawing up is more simple than gouache and draw very beautiful color is painted the wall.

The main idea is that it is necessary to understand the history of oil painting and to have a reliable textbook.


The first painting is a copy of master sisley's work, although it is useless to know what the oil of turpentine oil is. Download a great number of images of master hd works and observe their pen and expression techniques. In fact, the most important thing is to draw the picture, the second is the bold painting, the drawing is not difficult to imagine. After buying a lot of oil painting frames, they will hoard money to buy tools themselves.

Tomorrow will go to my grandma's, climb to the top of the mountain painting, although things are heavier, but a main think nothing ~ because I can draw in front of the beauty of the scene is very happy thing, painting is my favorite thing. Update the picture


Claude Monet San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk Oil Painting Reproductions
Every day it's been fumigated...

The static at home. A little perspective problem (. ? ? ? ?)

It's a long way to learn oil painting well.


our paintings

Written in the front of the bar to write behind you afraid to see the answer is now very fragile so the answer is not allowed to spray me! Then you have to ask you are not allowed to spray you Why do not you put the comments off? Oh you can be so smart to be able to guess .. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was all the way from the pen to start painting It is easy to draw very easy to see the painting) sketch sketch painting also painted the middle of the watercolor ... on the self-painting problem I have answered a lot of no exception, no times did not have People invited me to answer all my own answer (Oh da da)
I was learning the garden of the freshman start the school to promote the pen to draw me to draw paintings because it is more patient with high school like to draw a little bit of modeling ability and then I painted the painting than the prospective and more fine So the painting is such a 


such a small picture (a4) need to use a dozen hours I also painted a lot of this painting some have been made in the know some because the phone because there is no photo so no Posted out
And later painted a lot of this painting after I found me I prefer the painting was no sketch skills I have no way to draw people with a pen so I began to use pencils to draw sketches about a year and a half I finally learned sketch 


And later I painted the painting is not just want to draw the picture I want to draw the whole person later I learned a period of time anatomy (video ah books ah what information) began to draw the whole body like a 


also painted a dozen An hour later the teacher recommended to sign a school next door to a small gallery really is very small that kind of me every month to six paintings he gave him a little bit of money I bought the painting with my put my sketch He told me very earnestly that you are fine, but it looks like a job is not easy to sell a few can only give dozens of pieces.
I fucking!
And then I was forced to start painting the color of the beginning of the color is really ugly! Odd ugly! How to do it bite the toothbrush ah .. the beginning of the election is the watercolor because of the online watercolor to see the good look painted for some time is probably such a


4 now painted ugly! The The
And then I began to paint the oil painting and then I painted the bedroom that is smelly and smashed three months painted a lot of lump feces ... ... Later, that is now I have found a studio originally wanted to teach under the teacher
Oh shit! Connaught a big lake! Even a painting can be painted to the studio are not all his mother is not a painting class painting!
No way I can only in the group of high school students who pretend big touch
A few days before the oil painting with a point of color I have to conspire they just started drawing sketch picture sketch students next to want to draw oil painting picture sketch ... I just finished finished when the model sister came over to see "I went to smooth lines The perfect shape of the cliff is a big touch ah I can not white when the model ah "
So she said, "you can not draw this picture to me ah"
I smiled "like you take it may be ugly ah"
Sister laughed sweetly said, "ah will not thank you ah"
I began to draw the painting into this way.


sister no longer have a bird me
Did not take away
These days and a little better I have been in the photo before painting 


long ago want to answer this question
The reason for answering now is because
No one invited me
And now I'm bored in the studio
Painting is really a chore
Give you a look at what I'm copying 


Mary Cassat
Painting tedious
But I immediately want to graduate to find a job so at least half a year I can not touch the brush!
If you do not draw the words may not have a chance!
My painting level to stay in the half scoop water!
So be sure to learn ... (mother who I learn!)
... I do not know what to learn about what to use .......
commit a sin!
A day no one told me ... ... you line to give me a bit of praise to support it ... ...
... ... know this photo mechanism is really Nima! enough
You dare to believe that I want to play the next word is "point praise breakthrough two hundred!" ... ... my tears ..................... .... and did not fall so out of the haha ??August 16, 2010 update (I think this line is very strong)
The subject is self-study oil painting is what I feel even the question did not answer to get so much praise I am still very happy
Well logic has not been my style.
Here's the next answer
Self-study is a very painful process what will not be painted will copy a painful process will be copied to the picture will have a painful process will draw pictures to the sketch and painful will be skipped to be created and very painful before knowing Answered a question called painting can no longer feel happy how to do?
I replied that this process was not happy I said it was like a chest with a bullet to be taken out to take out the process is to draw it to let the bullet stay in the physical pain more, but only so that the wound can be cured I also cited A book on the words that there are only two kinds of watercolor painter is to give up one is to give up
I finished after I went to myself I was touched I never knew I could be so great! The
And then now I find that this is just a beginner process that I can not easily grasp any kind of painting tools
So I was only from the heart of the installed a force
So I do not put the link up
Now I can be proficient in the use of pencil so I enjoy painting pencil sketch process you see you just a few pen will be able to hook out a person to Oh also lifelike (self intoxicated) really fucking interesting ah!
So I do not think it is painful to write pain
But the oil painting I can not grasp the painting I am very painful ... physically and mentally fattened together with no one actually painted in fact sometimes still a little lonely (like the first answer to the answer that afternoon)
"Loneliness is not a good thing a go more and more lonely is easy to give up"
This is my junior high school time to find a school teacher to change the painting when I told me
Our school is an art class three .... hungry ... is this teacher more than thirty years old Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts graduate painting more than ten years has been insisting in the painting will also be in Wuhan art circle some activities he now Was also pretty good painting very beautiful man is also very humble I was seeing him when I think he is my idol!
Learning oil painting is he encouraged me to actually though self-taught but there is a predecessor has always encouraged you feel pretty good
The studio is also he encouraged me to say that he found a studio with you to draw with each other to learn is also very good
But I did not find such a studio!
Today he came to see me and I changed a few paintings
In fact, in the self-study I was very lucky
Painting oil painting is now a very painful experience for you to see you spend a whole day to create a picture you do not like
You say pain is not painful
But this will not last too long wait for me to use the same can also be used to entertain themselves
Should it be ...
Ah ... ... there is someone who asked me how to practice sketch practice In fact, the most important is the number of beginners do not think too much painting to draw a certain number of you will have a progress of each and then it entered a virtuous circle The process I painted is not good enough (I am not in the loading force) everyone to progress together.
I have a reply you can look at the history of my study
And then update a few of my sketches ah are basically painting a girlfriend and a small nephew Haha there are a lot of paintings in the studio they are lazy high school students do not posted out of the




Vincent van Gogh Fourteen Sunflowers Oil Painting Reproductions10.jpg

... ... update
I am male
Male (I said I painted my girlfriend ok ... (alas, but now girls have a girlfriend ...))
I am not a siren
That's it


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